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New Lake City Fire Station

New Lake City Fire Station

When I stopped by the ground breaking ceremony for the new Lake City Fire Station on Thursday, I managed to get a backstage tour of the current fire station. It reminded me a lot of a college bachelor pad. There were beds in the weight room and overstuffed easy chairs in the kitchen. I can't imagine spending 24 hours in these cramped quarters. I felt like a little kid on a fire station tour when I found out the tall towers in fire stations are used for drying hoses. Today they make hose dryers so most stations don't use them but Lake Cities is still in use. The new station will have a tower but probably mostly just for looks.

Construction should start soon and is expected to take a year. The new station will be at over 10,000 square feet compared the current 3,000 with an additional fire truck bay. Features such as rainwater collection will make the newly constructed building "green" - qualifying it for LEED Silver certification. The new building will be built in the parking lot behind the current station leaving the station functional during construction. Although, I'm pretty sure it forced a couple people who used to live in a trailer in that parking lot to relocate.

Mayor Nickels spoke about his trip to Japan to learn about the fires that took place during their big earthquake. He hopes Seattle fire fighters will be better equipped and prepared for such a disaster. More details in this press release.

Thanks for sharing your visit....
In fact, I never knew that those towers were for drying hoses...that's so interesting. Here I am at 52, and learning something new every day;) If someone had asked me before today what those were for, I likely would have guessed that they were like "lookout" towers or some such thing. Or they possibly held a large warning horn.

I'm glad to hear the department is getting an renovation that they obviously are long overdue for!
Comment by Janet
April 25, 2009
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That New Sidewalk
Perhaps the gigantic sidewalk they installed adjacent to the firestation will make more sense once the new remodel is done. I had this pang of remorse on my promenade yesterday that I couldn't tread upon those bricks. You see, the sidewalk is included in the fenced off portion to make way for the remodel. I am going to miss that half block of ridiculously wide (and currently unnecessary) sidewalk.
Comment by Native
April 30, 2009
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