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A Map through the Maze of Seattle's Neighborhood Blogs

If you're new to reading blogs, prepare to be overwhelmed. If you're already an addict, brace yourself for a high.

Hyperlocal (neighborhood) blogs, such as, target a neighborhood and project news specif to that community. A friend of mine, blogger DustinDK, put together this amazing map pinpointing Seattle neighborhood blogs. If you live in Lake City but work in Bellevue, you may want to check out Eastside Life. Have a friend who lives in Phinney Ridge or Greenwood, tell them to check out Phinneywood.

What's your favorite Seattle blog?

View Seattle Area Hyperlocal Blogs in a larger map

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Thanks Danae. You rock.
Comment by DustinDK
3 months ago
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My favorite blog
is have you seen their business cards?! Pretty good. ;)
Comment by Native
3 months ago
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