posted 07/06/09 01:31 PM | updated 07/06/09 01:31 PM
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Car nearly upended on Lake City Way

At 10:40 this morning, a red Saturn Ion collided with the back end of a green Impala while driving along Lake City Way and 110th st. The driver of the Ion, Steve Seaborn, said he was forced into the far right lane by another driver without looking. "All I saw was green," he said. His vehicle ended up underneath the green Impala, leaving both cars severely damaged, and the ground littered with debris. An officer from the Seattle Police Department said there were no major injuries, and an arrest was not in order.

Seaborn, who is a recent amputee, was able to purchase his car after a settlement with the city. A metro bus had run over him, leaving his leg in need of amputation, and his hips still bother him today. 

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