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Lake Citys Biggest Loser - Vote here

What issues are facing Lake City? How can we make it neighborhood you want it to be?

Of the 100 people who showed up the Neighborhood Planning Meeting last night, 20 of us were from Lake City. The meeting was co-hosted by the Seattle Planning Commission and the Neighborhood Planning Advisory Committee in order to review growth and change that has happened since the 90's when the neighborhood vision and goals were developed. We spent 2 hours sitting around a table discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of Lake City. The bad dominated discussion and covered the usual suspects - crime, sidewalks, transportation, cut through traffic, lack of a functional community center, graffiti...


On a more positive note, everyone had good things to say about the Farmers Market and the revisions to the Lake City Library and neighboring park (Davis Park). The Community Center came up as something that still leaves much to be desired. Walking through the Northgate Community Center, where the meeting was held, gave me a better idea of the potential of a community center. The building was bustling with teens shooting hoops, kids playing games, and classes for adults. The Lake City Community Center is functional if you're looking for a room to rent but it's doesn't provide a place for people to gather.

There must be more than 20 people in Lake City who care about the future of the neighborhood. If you are one of those people and you missed the meeting last night, you still have a chance to give your input. Fill out this survey online. The City is looking for our feedback so please fill it out. Check out this document for stats and details about the neighborhood development goals.

Live here for 23 yrs
I have lived here for 23yrs now and slowly I have seen the area going down hill within the past year, with businesses closing and not rebuilding something on the site, or upgrading the site. Trash constitently be dumped in my area on 33rd, griffty all over the place, the only bright spot is that Northgate has remodeled and bought new businesses in that area. They are just putting the last finishing touches to the new apartments at the end of the block here. I am just wonder when are they going to start build on the businesses that have been for couple years now?
Comment by James Scranton
1 month ago
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Take the survey!
Thanks for posting this. I didn't make it to the meeting but I read the status report and filled out the survey. I encourage everyone who wants action taken to improve Lake City to take the survey. How else will the city know how many people are concerned, and what we think needs to be done?
I found it interesting that the main photo on the Lake City status report showed a vibrant Cranium's - which has been closed and empty for at least a year (maybe 2?), and that the goals are safety, and vibrant core, etc. Though there are some good things, this is certainly not the reality.
Comment by Kara
1 month ago
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Lake City behind the scenes
Glad this discussion is going on. The Lake City Chamber of Commerce is working hard to help our community in a number of ways. We have a board member who will organize a paint out if a business gets tagged; we need the owner's written permission to complete the job. In May we had our annual Lake City Clean-up and had approximately 15 people help; about 5 were residents of the community, the rest were Chamber board members. We are planning a Fall clean up as well, and will announce it here so more people can help and we can cover a larger area. 33rd Ave. is heavily littered, for sure, and we send a team out several times per month to pick up trash. Then there is the 33rd Avenue Vision Project, which will transform 33rd into an attractive, walkable boulevard. Plans for the project will be on display at the Chamber booth at Pioneer Days, August 1, 2009.
Comment by Diane
3 weeks ago
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Community Recovery
Little Brook Park is a prime example of a neighborhood say, "NO" to crime and drugs. Earlier this year, after several crimes were committed near there, locals gathered to discuss it all. They formed a block watch and requested help from the city (which was received). Dept of Neighborhoods and LC Chamber of Commerce, among others, kept communication going and local leaders in the area built their own, extensive email list. Parks & Rec got involved and now there are monthly BBQs at the park, and kid's programs are organized there for the rest of the summer. An amazing transformation in just four months! Every area has the ability to follow this model of civic pride and coordinated action. to each other!
Comment by Diane
3 weeks ago
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