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Who Needs Cupcakes When You've Got Fried Chicken

The rumors are true - Ezell's Famous Fried Chicken is now open.

We may not be one of Seattle's neighborhoods that boasts a Molly's Moons or cupcake shop but Lake City is now the envy of every neighborhood in Seattle (other than the Central District which already has an Ezell's). Near the corner of 145th and Lake City Way, Ezell's shares a parking lot with Starbucks. Their current hours are Monday -Saturday 10am - 9pm and Sunday 11am - 8pm

And so we say to our Seattle neighbors, keep your cupcakes, we don't want them. But feel free to stop by and have some of our fried chicken.

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love that chicken from ezell's
man was i happy to see ezell's opening up in my hood! i love fried chicken and was so sad to discover that the north side didn't have one chicken joint. now that has all changed. they certainly have some kinks to work out as i've had horrible waits the two times i've been in there and one time they didn't even have a full menu but i can roll with it as long as it improves. no more driving to the CD for me! i can walk to pick up my happiness in a fried gizzard box!! now if the north side could just get a fish joint it is on!
Comment by nourisha
19 hours ago
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Might I add the chicken is sooo good!! The service was friendly too. We happened to go the 2nd day they were open, just happened by, saw it was open (last time I checked the building had been for lease), knew we had to stop in and it was great!
Comment by Kay
3 hours ago
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