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El Norte (and Mr Villa) Need Your Help

I have good news and I have bad news. I'll give you the good first.

Maybe you've heard the good news that Kathrina of Mr Villa's is trying to open a new bar, El Norte, at the former location of the Rose Garden. Brace yourself, here's the bad.

Unfortunately, she is running into some resistance from the Liquor Board due to the reputation of the Rose Garden. This is unfortunate because having a low key neighborhood bar would be a great improvement for the Lake City strip. Kathrina says this about her plans for the bar, "El Norte will look to stray from the typical Lake City bars of pull tabs, pool tables and dartboards and focus on being place for neighbors to gather and friends to connect over a unique collection of food and beverages served simply and priced fairly". Her ability to get a liquor license is very dependent on the support of the community.

Here's what you can do to help. Take a minute today to send an e-mail, or good old fashioned letter, to Heather Miller of the Washington State Liquor Board. Now if you're anything like me you're thinking "What can a letter from little old me do to help". The Licensing Investigator directly told Kathrina that letters from the community would weigh heavily on their final decision. So take a minute and send a letter.

Heather M. Miller Licensing Investigator

3000 Pacific Ave SE P.O. Box 43098 Olympia, WA 98504-3098

Direct (360) 664-1627 Fax (360)753-2710

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Email sent!
Thanks for spreading the word!
Comment by muggso-motto-rex
5 months ago
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Just sent my letter of support.
I applaud them for bringing their talents into an area that could really use it.
Comment by EnduroDriver
5 months ago
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Thanks for the info & update!
Sending emails today!
Comment by Jay in Olympic Hills
4 months ago
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And if that fails...
If they can't get the liquor licenses, I'd love to see something like Cloud City coffee there. I'd actually love to see something like Cloud City where Caroline's is at 137th & 15th, too.
Comment by Sean
4 months ago
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Does anyone know anyone in the major media?
I'll send a real letter today; my hubs is emailing. I posted a link to the LCL story on FB, too. Does anyone have any ins at any of the major Seattle media (Times, Weekly, Stranger) and can let them know about this? Maybe it can get some more press that way. Thanks Danae!
Comment by Lakegrrl
4 months ago
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RE: Does anyone know anyone in the major media?
I'll mention it to a few people - typically there is a void in media coverage of Lake City
Comment by danaek
4 months ago
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Email to Licensing board investigator
I sent this to Ms. Miller today:

Dear Ms. Miller,

I received an email from one of my neighbors regarding a show of community support for Kathrina Tugadi’s application for a liquor license for the proposed new restaurant, El Norte. The plans for this neighborhood friendly restaurant replacing the site of what was formerly an notorious tavern is well supported by the neighborhood residents.

I am an active member of the Lake City/Olympic Hills neighborhood (23+ yrs)and I have several neighborhood gatherings every year, making a point of getting to know the neighborhood and to welcome new residents as opportunities to meet them arise. I can assure you that the idea of replacing a derelict building that once attracted a criminal element with a friendly neighborhood restaurant and gathering place is frequently a topic among us. This opportunity to elevate the neighborhood and re-vitalize the Lake City Way commercial corridor should be strongly supported by you. There has been some attempt in recent years to improve the area, but it is by no means a fait accompli and much remains to be done. Granting Ms. Tugadi’s license would most certainly be step toward improving an area that has seen much deterioration. Recently a very nice produce/ethnic market opened close by (Goody’s) but the area remains full of potential for a thriving marketplace for all the new residents of the many apartments and condos springing up in the area.

Please give serious consideration in granting this license, and know that I speak for an extended neighborhood acquaintance.

Susan Connors Helland
Lake City area resident
Comment by Susan Connors Helland
4 months ago
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El Norte LL
Just sent this today...
Dear Ms. Miller:

As a resident of the nearby municipality of Kenmore, WA I write this letter in support of the proposed establishment, El Norte, in the Lake City neighborhood of Seattle. I believe, based on her track record at the nearby restaurant, Mr. Villa, Kathrina Tugadi will create a tavern that operates in a responsible and conscientious manner. Mrs. Tugadi is long time resident of Lake City with a vested interest in it's vitality. She transformed Mr. Villa's from what could rightly be considered a "hole in the wall" before she bought it into a very well run establishment that proudly represents it's neighborhood of Pinehurst. In this economic climate these are exactly the people our community and government need to get behind. Please approve the liquor license for El Norte. Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully Yours,
Sean Slote
Comment by Sean Slote
4 months ago
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Email to Ms. Miller...

Dear Ms. Miller,

It has come to my attention that Kathrina Tugadi has met some resistance from the liquor control board in her endeavor to open El Norte restaurant.

As a 16 year resident of the Pinehurst neighborhood, I would like to offer my support for this proposed establishment. I have known Ms. Tugadi for 18 years. She is responsible, conscientious, and civic-minded. She is a champion for the rule of law, and a vocal advocate for the community. I have every confidence that she will strive tirelessly for the smooth integration and operation of El Norte; that she will prove to be a proprietor and neighborhood partner beyond reproach, with a "zero-tolerance" policy toward malfeasance.

I echo the sentiments of my fellow citizens in my belief that, while the Lake City strip has shown great developmental strides in recent years, there is still work to be done. It is my firm belief that business leaders like Ms. Tugadi will be a beacon for rejuvenation and progress.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Chris Selleck
Comment by Chris Selleck
3 months ago
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