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City Wildlife

The deer are located behind the pond in the grassy patch in the middle of the photo - hard to see, given the poor quality of the photo.

Last year there was one deer in the yard, this year they've multiplied! My parents live in Cedar Park and this doe and her two fauns frequently wander through the yard, snacking on my mum's strawberry bushes. I was surprised they could live in the city, given the number of homes, dogs, and cars, but these three seem to be quite habituated to the urban environment. 

There have also been several reports of ring-necked pheasants in the neighborhood.  These birds are native to China. The males are quite showy, with spectacular plumage and long tail feathers. The females (hens) are similar in size, mottled brown, and lacking the fancy feathers. This male was spotted in Cedar Park along 42nd.  A hen has also started to frequent a bird feeder farther south, in Matthews Beach. 


Keep your eyes peeled, these guys are fun to see!


[Sorry about the poor quality of the photos. They were taken with a camera phone]

Pheasant's loud
My dog almost got him, the big show-off. They probably do better here because 12-gauges are frowned upon. ;)
Comment by biliruben
5 months ago
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Wildlife in the 'hood
Great pic of that pheasant. I'm surprised to see deer here too!
Comment by Lakegrrl
5 months ago
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FYI, the pheasants are "pets" (?) of an individual that lives on 39th. He apparently raises them and recently posted a note to the neighborhood that he had chicks to view. But the deer are clearly not "pets" and it is marvelous to see them. Such an unexpected sight in our neighborhood and always a delight.
Comment by bnasmith
4 months ago
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male pheasant killed by car. noisy bird:) Let everybody know who was boss. Have seen the hens in morning the last two times I have been in Lake City. Have seen the deer in a while. Last saw them months ago on 42nd
Comment by antmanbee
6 days ago
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Deer and Pheasant
I was walking tonight by the long steep downhill that leads to Lake Washington off 145th and 41st ne and saw the female deer all by herself. She looks healthy. Sad to hear about the Pheasant being run over but the way people drive by Cedar park I wouldn't doubt it happened. I think it's that guy in the big house that looks like a mansion that owns them. Pretty stupid to have a pet that just runs around the street.
Comment by Seattlelite
1 day ago
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