posted 04/11/12 10:30 PM | updated 04/12/12 08:02 AM
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Old Craniums building to become Verizon Wireless store

Re-posted from Douglas Park Cooperative

We have heard rumors for years about what would become of the old Cranium's Coffee & Collectables building at 12301 30th Avenue NE. 

The building that used to house the popular business has been vacant since Cranium's closed shop. Many have speculated what kind of business would move into the building with its unique sculpture in front and high visibility from Lake City Way. 

Recently the 'For Lease' sign came down and an permit was approved by the City of Seattle for new signage at the building.

The permit reveals that Verizon Wireless Cellular Sales has applied to install 2 illuminated wall signs and reface the existing pole sign, the last remaining piece of the funky purple business that used to be there. You can see the permit here.

They have also applied and been approved to change use from automotive retail to general retail. You can see that permit here.

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It's such a cool spot. I'm glad something is opening there. Verizon wouldn't be my first choice but at least it's something.
Comment by danaek
2 months ago
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RE: Finally...
Yeah, I agree, its good to get a business in there, I just always had hoped it would become a cafe or something again.
Comment by colini
2 months ago
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Verizon. How inspiring.

It's such a cool spot, I was thinking of making inquiries for a couple of potential businesses. Alas.
Comment by biliruben
2 months ago
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Verizon in old Cranium's space
Yuck. I sure wish something besides the incredibly long arm of corporate cookie-cutter business was moving in. Cranium's was so unique and I, and many others, have hoped that it would be replaced by another "mom and pop". Oh well! I do wish the new employees this will generate well in our community.
Comment by Anne Paisley
1 month ago
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Aw! I was hoping a neighborhood center, a community center or a non profit. At least a book shop. At least it didn't become the condo which was proposed long ago.
Comment by True Thrift
4 days ago
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