North Helpline thanks community, needs continued support

Recently our own Lake City North Helpline went through a crisis.

In December KING/5 reported that 2012 was the worst year yet for the food bank. They serve more than 1,700 people a week and giving from corporations and foundations was down. Donations at the time were also dwindling.

North Helpline Executive Director John Klevins looked at the numbers and realized something drastic had to happen for the organization to continue to operate. So he stopped drawing a salary in October and some staff took pay cuts so the emergency services and food bank could continue helping people in tough situations.

“This food bank is about love. This food bank is about transforming lives,” Klevins told KING/5.

This week the organization sent out an update letter saying that because of an “inspirational” level of community support during the crisis, they have returned to their full array of food bank and emergency services.

But the letter also stresses the need for continued donations. 

Of course, now that we have moved beyond our financial constraints of 2012, our focus must be placed on creating a new and more robust financial future,” said the message to donors and the community. 

The message also reminds who North Helpline’s clients are. They are your neighbors, friends, family members and those you see in your community.  They could be any one of us.

“It just takes one lost job, a few missed mortgage or rental payments and a bad illness and we could all be in our long lines.”

You can learn more about North Helpline on their website by clicking here.

You can donate here.

The KING/5 report is embedded below.