Elliott Bay making special brew for first anniversary on LCW


Recently the fine folks at Elliott Bay Brewing Co. started making a brew that is extra special for the Lake City location. The brew will be ready in time for the hugely popular brewery’s first anniversary here on the outer limits of Seattle.

Elliott Bay’s talented Brewer Bill teamed up with Matt van Wyk, of Oakshire Brewing in Eugene, OR, and “have cooked up a rye-based IPA kinda thing,” Elliott Bay said on The Bar Stool Blog.

Also contributing to the brew is neighboring Kaffeeklatsch, who baked loaves of 100% rye bread that were added to the mash tun “to ramp up even further the special rye character of this sure-to-be unique ale,” said EBBC on their site.

They plan to release the beer on March 25th, ahead of their March 30th first anniversary party.