Cleanup Walks in Lake City

Bottles, cans, and a baggie collected on a leisurely walk.

Bottles, cans, and a baggie collected on a leisurely walk in Lisa’s neighborhood.

While networking with other Lake City residents recently, I’ve been hearing interest in neighborhood walks and cleanup. The majority of our harsh weather may be over, and that means more pedestrian activity!

Walks are surprisingly easy to start, and not a lot of work to maintain. Benefits include meeting your neighbors, discovering issues, getting to know the wildlife and seasonal changes, and safer walkways.

The Lake City Neighborhood Alliance has a page up detailing how to find or get one started in your area. At the moment, I believe more walks exist than are on the calendar and I’m hoping more will show up as interest grows. Supplies for protection and collection can be acquired from the Lake City Neighborhood Service Center.

I’ve been enjoying group and solo walks in my neighborhood since September of last year. In that time, I’ve rescued 3 loose dogs (and returned them), picked up countless needles out of grass areas where school buses drop off children, met quite a few of my neighbors, and gained a better understanding of vandalism and trash in our area. I’ve also occasionally joined Douglas Park Cooperative (DPC) on their walks and learned much about Lake City’s Hub Urban Village issues. Here’s a dated example of a DPC walk report. And here’s one of mine.

Interested in beautifying your little corner of Lake City? Don’t hesitate! I’m learning to love it and all the benefits (fitness, and a nicer environment overall). You don’t have to wait on neighborhood interest before starting. Bring a bag with you on your next walk and be open to conversation with curious neighbors. You may just discover a fitness buddy! I met my dog walking companions this way.