Seattle City Council to vote on recommendation for NE 130th Street light rail station

130th station

The Seattle City Council is scheduled to vote Monday, October 7th, on a recommendation for Sound Transit to include a Link light rail station at NE 130th Street, part of the future north extension of the rail line.

The station being studied would not have a parking structure and would rely on walkers, bikers, transit riders and a Bitter Lake-Lake City connection. Planned future cycle tracks in the area would also feed to the station, according to the proposal. Service at the station would be scheduled to start in 2023.

The effort to study a possible NE 130th Street Station has been pushed by Seattle City Councilmember Richard Conlin. The study has discovered that ridership would likely be higher than a NE 145th Street and NE 155th Street station combo. The station would be situated between the Lake City and Bitter Lake hub urban villages and draw riders from those community hubs.

komen_luncheon_151A Seattle City Council briefing document (embedded at bottom) explains some of the benefits and issues surrounding a NE 130th Street light rail station:

  • Provides reliable, bus, bike and pedestrian access
  • No full freeway interchange or large parking facility
  • Strong ridership: 3,200 average daily riders when paired with 145th Station (2,200 average daily riders)
  • DEIS shows a 130th Station reducing bus/drive access into congested areas at 145th and Northgate
  • Good connections to the Bitter Lake Village and Lake City Urban Hubs
  • Supported by planned cycle tracks on 130th, Roosevelt Way, 125th and 5th Avenue NE
  • Limited TOD opportunities at the immediate station
  • Introduces an additional station in Segment A
  • King County Metro supports 130th St. Station as a bus feeder station, 145th St. Station as a drive access station

If you are interested in showing support for the proposed station you can contact Seattle City council members here. You can also just email:

Here is the announcement for Monday’s Council vote:

1. Res. 31486
Concerning recommendations for the Lynnwood Link extension by the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Agency (Sou ndTransit) Board; stating that the City of Seattle recommends that the A1 alignment (through Seattle) be designated as the Preferred Alternative; recommending that the 130th St station be carried forward for full analysis in the Final Environmental Impact Statement; and stating that the City of Seattle recommends inclusion of the 130th and 145th Street stations, in Segment A of the Lynnwood Link extension in the Preferred Alternative.

INTRODUCED September 30, 2013 (Conlin)

More information about the proposed station can be seen in the council briefing document below:


Download (PDF, 995KB)


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