Construction started on ‘Safe Routes to School’ sidewalk on NE 130th


Construction has started on a new sidewalk on the south side of NE 130th Street between 25th Avenue NE and 28th Avenue NE. The stretch of sidewalk will connect existing sidewalks and will provide a safer route for pedestrians walking between Olympic Hills Elementary and the Lake City Library and Community Center. Currently pedestrians must walk in the street to travel between the facilities.

The project includes building a new concrete sidewalk and planting strip on the south side of NE 130th Street between 25th Avenue NE & 28th Avenue NE. The project will also install new trees, ground cover and additional street lighting. The total cost for the project is expected to be around $735,000. It is expected to be complete in March.

SDOT applied for and received a grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation to build the sidewalk. The grant also includes funding for education and encouragement of walking and biking to school, additional traffic enforcement and formal evaluation of arrival and dismissal patterns at the school.  SDOT’s partners in these efforts include Feet First, Cascade Bicycle Club, and the Seattle Police Department.

Construction was originally planned to start in 2013 but was delayed. Last summer neighbors rallied and helped a senior resident remove part of an elaborate garden she built that was along the route of the planned sidewalk. The sidewalk link is infrastructure that some longtime residents say they have been requesting for decades.

Joyce Hsu's "Flyways"

Joyce Hsu’s “Flyways.” Click image to see more about art project.

The sidewalk construction project will include a public art element. “Flyways” will be an installation by artist Joyce Hsu and is described as a free standing carousel of northern flicker birds mounted on top of a metal pole. It is planned to be installed at the intersection of NE 130th Street and 28th Avenue NE.

“It is my intention to create an artwork that is playful in look and field so as to attract the attention of school kids in addition to becoming an icon in the neighborhood,” said the artist in her proposal. Click here for more info on the art installation.

Click here for more information on the sidewalk project.