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Free Tree Give-Away from Trees for Neighborhoods

Here’s some information about the Free Tree Give Away:

Exciting news Seattle neighbors!  Seattle reLeaf’s 2012 Trees for Neighborhoods program is underway!  Want to beautify your home and neighborhood? Build a healthy community? Here’s your chance! 

Trees for Neighborhoods provides up to 4 trees per household to plant in residential yards. In addition to free trees, participants in the program receive free watering bags, training on proper planting and care of trees, and ongoing tree care support.

Street tree applications will be due September 1 and yard tree applications will be due October 21. However, many species do sell out quickly, so submit your application as soon as possible. To check out the beautiful tree species available and application information go to

Federal Funding for a Neighborcare Health Clinic in Lake City

Neighborcare Health Clinic received a federal grant for $650,000 per year to open a new clinic in Lake City. The organization has 17 medical, dental and school-based clinics in Seattle that serve over 50,000 low-income patients per year. The organization currently has a Lake City clinic that operates four hours only on Wednesdays.

Currently, the nonprofit shares space in a Lake City building with a volunteer program that helps provide acute care for patients on Saturdays.

Neighborcare runs a clinic one day a week there. The funding will allow it to create a full-time clinic that will give patients an established primary-care “medical home” to help coordinate their health needs, said Executive Director Mark Secord.

The grant will fund operations, he said, unlike two earlier federal capital-project grants to Neighborcare, which included $500,000 to renovate its Wallingford clinic and $5 million to expand its Greenwood clinic.

Library Levy on the Ballot for Primary Elections

This press release is from Yes For Seattle Libraries, a campaign in support of the levy that is on the ballot for this August. There’s some interesting information about the library’s use by the community. What are you voting and why?

Lake City Branch would benefit from library levy

August 7 levy would boost library access, build collections and enhance technology

SEATTLE, Wash. – June 8, 2012 – The Lake City Branch of The Seattle Public Library would seepreserved library hours, augmented collection of books and materials, enhanced library technology, andimproved maintenance if the August 7 library levy is approved.

Known as Proposition One, the seven-year library levy worth $17.3 million annually will appear onthe August 7 primary election ballot. It would stabilize the Seattle Public Library budget after fourconsecutive years of substantial budget cuts. At about 15 cents per $1,000 of assessed value, the levywould cost the average homeowner approximately $52 a year.

The Lake City Branch is a municipal hub in Northeast Seattle and serves a large immigrant population,providing materials in world languages, citizenship information, and resources on area services. Approvalof the levy would increase access to those programs and other popular services at the branch, includinghomework help programs in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. The levy would also improve materialscollection for a patron population who checked out more than 530,000 items in 2011.

Approved for a public vote by the Mayor and City Council in April 2012, the levy funding plan reflectsthe priorities of the community and will benefit every neighborhood in Seattle. By law, all levy proceedswill be deposited in the Library Levy Fund to specifically address the four primary areas of focus.Oversight of the levy funds will be provided by the Library Board of Trustees, a five-member citizenpanel appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

Each year, the Library must submit a spending plan to the Mayor and Council that details how levy fundswill be used. The City Librarian will also be required to deliver an annual progress report to the Mayorand Council, providing detailed information on how the previous year’s levy proceeds were used toaddress the four primary areas of focus.

Neighborhood libraries are a critical part of our quality of life, providing study space, meeting facilities,materials for personal and professional growth, and educational programs that build great communities.

For more information, visit or call (206) 486-4810.

Little Brook Park – June 23 BBQ Planning meeting

Info about the Little Brook Park BBQ

There will be a Little Brook Park BBQ and Movie night committee planning meeting on Saturday June 23rd in Little Brook Park at Noon.  

Everyone is invited to join. However, this is different from the general community meeting.  We will be discussing donations and volunteer recruitment for the BBQ’s and the Movie Night.   


Since there was a community meeting on June 2nd, we will not be having another June Community meeting.  Nor will be having a July Community meeting since it will fall during Ramadan.  We may have smaller committee meetings to discuss specific summer activities in and around the park.  I will notify you if and when these occur.  

Everyone is welcome to come to these meeting but they will have a narrow focus.    So I repeat; there will be a June 23rd meeting in Little Brook Park to discuss BBQ’s and the Movie night.   


I am attaching the flyers for the BBQ to this email, please feel free to print them up and distribute them to your friends, neighbors and tenants.  Everyone is welcome to come to the BBQ’s and Movie night (July 28).  


Lake City Farmers Market Opens Thursday June 14

June 14 is opening day at the Lake City Farmers Market! It’s also Flag Day – so our market farmers will be displaying flags, Kaffeeklatsch will be selling special flag-shaped cookies, and we’ll have fun craft activities for kids in the kids tent. The market will be full of spring vegetables, fresh eggs, farmstead cheeses, pastured meats and poultry. Ready-to-eat foods this year will include fresh hot crepes, wood-fired pizza, and gourmet ice cream. Also look for fresh baked goods, gluten-free and regular fresh pastas, and jams and pickles made with local farm produce.

When Jun 14, 2012 from 03:00 pm to 07:00 pm

Where on 28th in front of the Lake City Library

Affordable Housing Preliminary Recommendation for Former Fire Station 39

The preliminary reports from the office of Fiance and Administration recommend affordable housing for Former Fire Station 39. Below is the full update from the office of Finance and Administration. Send comments and questions to Rich Gholaghong by phone (206- 684-0701), by e-mail at or by regular mail to Rich Gholaghong, FAS Real Estate Services, P.O. Box 94689, Seattle WA 98124-4689.

Former Fire Station 39 – Reuse and Disposition

With a new fire facility now in operation in Lake City, the City of Seattle’s Department of Finance and Administrative Services (FAS) is in the process of evaluating options for reuse and disposition of the former Fire Station 39 on the adjacent property. The Mayor and City Council, through the 2012 Adopted Budget, directed City departments to evaluate the feasibility of redevelopment of this particular site for low-income multifamily housing and services.

Preliminary Report

FAS has published the Preliminary Report for former Fire Station 39. The procedures and steps for evaluating reuse and disposition of excess City property ensure transparency of process, and that different ideas and proposals are considered and evaluated. The report followed Council policy guidance to:

  • ·         Analyze the property characteristics
  • ·         Compile and review public comments received
  • ·         Report any interest from other City or Governmental agencies
  • ·         Review land use constraints and the real estate market
  • ·         Make a recommendation based on the above factors

The report recommends that this property be sold for the development of affordable housing for homeless families and families earning less than 30% of median income. The ground floor commercial space could be made available to organizations providing youth-oriented community services that can benefit the broader community, as well as residents of the building. Download a copy of the report here.

Public Involvement and Public Involvement Plan

The City Council, with Resolution 30862, provides multiple opportunities for the public to provide input to the reuse and disposition evaluation process for each excess property. All respondents now, or at any time during the process, will be placed on a contact list and receive future information as it becomes available.* Comment is not limited to the 30-day comment period and is taken throughout the process, although deadlines are set for publication of reports.

FAS initiated public input by mailing the Opportunity for Input community flier on March 5, 2012. Approximately 1,550 fliers were sent to residents residing within a 1,000 foot radius of the former fire station, as well as to community groups and other interested parties. As of April 4, 2012, FAS received comments from 219 separate individuals. These comments are summarized in the Preliminary Report.

The Preliminary Report published on June 1, 2012, includes a Public Involvement Planor PIP. The purpose of the PIP is to identify the appropriate methods for seeking additional public input on certain “complex” properties if the evaluation process turns up a number of issues or concerns. Factors include the value of the property, the extent and nature of public input, whether a recommended use would require a change in zoning or other regulations, and the number of proposals for reuse/disposal of the property. Former Fire Station 39 is classified as complex. The proposed PIP for Former Fire Station 39 recommends that two public meetings be held in Lake City to obtain further public input on the City’s recommendation to build affordable housing on the property.

The proposed PIP will be reviewed by the City’s Real Estate Oversight Committee and presented to the City Council. Interested parties will be sent 14-day notice when the Council briefing on the PIP is scheduled. At this time, the Council is primarily interested in reviewing whether the Public Involvement Plan provides adequate opportunities for public input on the recommended option and other alternatives rather than on the recommendation itself.

*Please note that any written comments will be made a part of the public record for the disposition of this property, which is subject to the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.56).

Next Steps

  • ·         FAS will take comments on the Preliminary Report and proposed PIP for 30-days, closing on June 30.
  • ·         The Real Estate Oversight Committee will review and vote on the proposed Public Involvement Plan.
  • ·         Notice will be sent to interested parties on the mailing list with 14-day notice of a Council briefing to review and approve the Public Involvement Plan.
  • ·         FAS will carry out the Public Involvement Plan, currently anticipated to be two public meetings.
  • ·         FAS will produce a Final Report and Public Involvement Report.
  • ·         Legislation will be introduced to implement the Mayor’s Recommendation.

With regard to the Fire Levy projects to date, the Council has authorized the sale of all former fire stations, with sale proceeds returned to the Fire Levy Fund and used to complete other station rehabilitation projects.


This webpage will be updated as information becomes available.

If you are a potential purchaser, have a proposed use, or would like detailed information regarding this property or the disposition process, please contactRichard Gholaghong at 206-684-0621.


Thomas C. Whittemore

Neighborhood District Coordinator

Department of Neighborhoods

North Region

Ballard Neighborhood Service Center

5604 22nd Ave. NW

Seattle, WA 98107


Tel: (206) 684-4096

Cell: (206) 396-2788

Fax: (206) 233-7060

Physician saving limbs in Lake City


 “At the Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Health Center of Seattle, we pay particular attention to educating patients with Diabetes about taking advantage of the advances in diabetic foot health diagnoses and treatment,” says Dr. Rion A. Berg, Podiatrist and Board Certified Foot Surgeon.

 More than 60% of non-traumatic, lower limb amputations occur in people with Diabetes. Close monitoring by a podiatrist and stepped up patient education is credited with reversing this trend for the first time in a decade. More Diabetics are being diagnosed earlier with milder disease.

The role of medicare in diabetic foot health

Medicare has played an essential role in improving Diabetic foot care by paying for blood-sugar monitoring, custom orthotics, therapeutic shoes and other medical devices for elderly diabetics, patients.

The American Diabetes Association recommends that people with Diabetes have a Complete Diabetic Foot Evaluation, (CDFE) at least annually to determine the risk of developing serious complications due to Diabetes.

The CDFE provides extensive data regarding the patient’s foot health, identifying areas where foot ulcers could develop. Preventing foot ulcers is essential to avoiding amputations and preserving a patients overall foot health. The examination is performed at the podiatrist’s office, is painless, and lasts less than an hour. Additional information on the CDFE and limb preservation can be found at

2611 NE 125th, Ste 130

Seattle, WA 98125

Phone 206.368.7000

Fax 206.361.9273

Lake City Way Visioning Project This Saturday

The Bill Pierre family is moving their dealerships out of Lake City. They want the communities help deciding the future of their properties. They own acres of land from 127th to 115th. Four graduate urban design and planning students from the UW are participating in the project. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide feedback that could forever change Lake City. Thanks to the Pierre family for giving us this opportunity.


When: May 19, 2012 9:00 -­ 1:30, Registration at 8:30

Where Nathan Hale High School

What: Re-imagine the Pierre Properties Along Lake City Way


More Information:

Bike Works brings pair of classes to Lake City on June 3rd

A flyer to be distributed around the neighborhood. Click for larger.

Bike Works will be bringing its highly-regarded program to Lake City soon, beginning with a pair of classes at the Lake City Community Center on Sunday, June 3rd. See the flyer above for more details.

The first is the Squeaky Brakes Class, a two hour, hands-on class where students bring their bikes and wrench along with instructor’s demonstration. The class requires per-registration. Contact Davey Oil at Bike Works to register for that class.

The second is a drop-in class from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. the same day where Bike Works instructors will help you work on your bike with their support during the class.

Community members have been working with Bike Works to secure a Lake City location for the organization, part of efforts to bring more active, empowering programs to the neighborhood.

This Sunday – North Helpline’s 3rd Annual Empty Bowls Event

North Helpline annual Empty Bowls event is this Sunday, May 6,. Ceramic artists donate hand crafted pottery bowls that are sold with over 150 items during a silent auction. The event also includes a meal of soup, salad, and bread with local musicians providing entertainment. The musicians include Jillian Graham (Folk Pop), Swing Shift (Jazz Standards), and Pickled Okra (Old Timey Bluegrass).

Don’t miss this great event.Get tickets ahead of time here for $25 or at the door for $35.

North Helpline 3rd Annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser 

When: Sunday, May 6, 2012, Noon – 3:00 PM

Where: Lake City Elks Lodge #1800, 14540 Bothell Way NE Seattle, WA 98155