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DPC block party singer featured on David Letterman last night

Recently we wrote about Ray Dalton, the Seattle singer that joined members of Douglas Park Cooperative for our annual block party and helped lead our kids parade with his powerful voice.

Along with local hip-hop artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Dalton's memorable voice has shot to the top of the charts with the track "Can't Hold Us."

Well, last night Dalton, Macklemore and Lewis were the featured artist on the David Letterman Show in the Ed Sullivan Theater. Their performance was flawless. You can see the video below. Watch until the end to see how Letterman mixes up the artists and creates a mildly awkward moment.

Sidewalk Funding for 127th

A frame from the slideshow presentation
Representatives from Douglas Park Cooperative were at the North District Council meeting last week Wednesday to make a presentation of our request for sidewalks on NE 127th street between 25th and 27th. All NDC member organizations voted and our project was one of the three selected. If everything goes well, SDOT will start designs in November of this year.

More information about the Bridging the Gap Neighborhood Street Fund can be found here.  Below is a timeline from their site:

NSF Project Selection Timeline:
January – Each of Seattle’s 13 neighborhood District Councils will select three projects for further evaluation (up to 39 projects in all).
February - May – SDOT conducts a high level scope & cost estimate of the projects selected by the neighborhood District Councils.
June – Each neighborhood District Council prioritizes its own list of projects.
July – Bridging the Gap Oversight Committee evaluates all proposed projects for funding.
August – Oversight committee makes funding recommendations to the Mayor & City Council.
September – 2014 Budget adopted.
October/November – SDOT begins planning and design work.

This sidewalk is in addition to the sidewalk going in on 130th between 25th and 28th. That sidewalk is being funded by the State of Washington's Safe Routes to School Program, and is currently in design. It will be constructed this year.