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Two Jane Addams?

Is anyone else confused by the double Jane Addams’ school names in Lake City? Hopefully this will help…

Jane Addams building and playfield

Jane Addams building and playfield


The Jane Addams Name

It starts with the Jane Addams building, located near Nathan Hale High School. The building itself has been called Jane Addams since its inception in 1949, despite housing different programs over the years, including Summit K-12 and the Seattle Light Opera. It is Seattle School District policy to keep the name of a building, regardless of the program occupying it. Five years ago, the district opened a K-8 program in the building, aptly-named Jane Addams K-8 (or JA K-8). The JA K-8 program is in the Jane Addams building today, but will move next year.


So What’s Changing?

The District needs more middle school capacity, and needs it fast. To make room, the JA K-8 program will be relocated (first to an interim site at John Marshall near Greenlake, then to its final location along Pinehurst Way). Along with the move, the JA K-8 program will be renamed.

Middle school choice worksheet - orange indicates JAMS, yellow indicates JA K-8 option

Middle school choice worksheet – orange indicates JAMS, yellow indicates JA K-8 option

Next fall, the Jane Addams building will house a new comprehensive middle school program- and guess what it’ll be called? Jane Addams Middle School (or JAMS)! Middle school students currently living in the Lake City area will be automatically assigned to JAMS; this includes 6th and 7th grade Lake City students currently enrolled at Eckstein Middle School. In fact, families should have already received their enrollment letters notifying them of this.

The confusion comes because there are two schools offering middle school options for fall of 2014, both currently using the Jane Addams name AND both offering informational events in the Jane Addams building!

Unfortunately, district processes take time. The JA K-8′s new program name will not be available until after the open enrollment process has ended, so prospective families must know to select “Jane Addams K-8″ on their school choice forms, since it’s an “option” school, not an “assignment” school.

As for JAMS, though the program won’t officially open until the fall, planning is well underway. A principal is in place, staff hiring has begun and future JAMS parents are invited to learn more by attending informational events – in the Jane Addams building.


Where Will My Middle-School Student Go?

That’s up to you. If you live in Lake City your child will be automatically assigned to JAMS. However, you can choose to enroll your student elsewhere, through the district’s school choice enrollment process, happening now through March 7. You can still enroll after March 7th, but students who enroll before then will receive priority.


Middle School Changes – Stay Informed

The Seattle School Board recently approved full implementation of the new Jane Addams Middle School (JAMS) at the Jane Addams’ site for fall 2014.  This map shows the new middle school attendance area for all of Lake City; students in the green area will be assigned to JAMS in the fall.


JAMS Program
A principal, Paula Montgomery has been hired and community meetings have begun. The following community meetings will be held in the library of the Jane Addams building:

Wednesday, December 11 6:30-8:00pm
Wednesday, December 18 6:30-8:00pm

The agenda will be identical for both meetings and will include: the overall process, teacher hiring, facility work, Q&A, an opportunity for parents to give input on the JAMS educational design and a brief tour of the building. For more information, you can contact Paula Montgomery at plmontgomery@seattleschools.org or visit the JAMS program website.


Jane Addams K-8 ESTEM Program
The K-8 program currently housed in the Jane Addams building will move to the district’s interim site (John Marshall near Greenlake) for the next two years. This will be the JAK-8 program’s interim location while a new building is constructed at the K-8′s future Pinehurst site. The school will be renamed as part of its move.


Pinehurst/AS1 K-8 Program
Initially faced with closure, the Pinehurst K-8 program (also known as AS1) has rallied and will now relocate to an interim site at Lincoln for the 2014-15 school year. To learn more, visit the Pinehurst K-8 blog.



Both the JAK-8 and Pinehurst K-8 programs are “option” schools. Students living in the Lake City area will be assigned to JAMS, but can choose to enroll in an “option” school like JA K-8 or Pinehurst K-8 instead. Look for school tour information on the school’s websites if you are interested in learning more:

Jane Addams K-8 website: addamsk8.seattleschools.org

Pinehurst/AS1 K-8 website: pinehurstk8.seattleschools.org


More Information

For a detailed explanation of the new middle school attendance areas, click here. (Scroll to the bottom to find information specific to Eckstein and JAMS.)

For the full attendance area map, click here.

Fall Carnival this Saturday

Jane Addams K-8 is having their 2nd Annual Environmental Science Carnival this Saturday, November 16th from 11:00am-3:00pm. It’s all the fun of a regular school carnival with an environmental twist that matches this option school’s environmental learning focus.  It’s open to the public, so bring your kids to play and have fun!


Come explore stream life, make a paper owl, throw a penguin, race a snail and pet a chicken. Concessions will include baked treats and healthy lunch options served on compostable products. The event will be in the school gyms (enter at the SW corner of the building). Tickets, good for all booths and concessions, will be sold at the door. Proceeds to benefit the Jane Addams’ PTSA.


Jane Addams’ Science Carnival
Saturday, November 16, 11:00-3:00
11051 34th Ave. NE Seattle, WA 98125

Download (PDF, Unknown)

More School Boundary Changes Recommended

Input from across Seattle has been considered in new boundary change recommendations for the Seattle School District.  These new recommendations make the initial proposal obsolete.  Here’s a quick rundown of changes for the Lake City neighborhood if these are approved:


A snippet of the map used to solicit boundary change feedback on the District's Feedback Survey

Elementary Schools:

The boundary between Olympic Hills and the future Cedar Park Elementary, originally proposed at 25th Ave NE, is now proposed at 30th Ave NE. Other small boundary shifts appear where the John Rodgers north boundary and Cedar Park south boundary meet, referred to on the district’s map as #87. The southwest pocket of John Rogers boundary also appears to have shifted slightly.

Olympic Hills is no longer identified as a location for APP (Advanced Placement Program). This is not the same as Spectrum, which was also included for Olympic Hills in the first proposal.


K-8 and Middle School Programs
The Pinehurst K-8 program is now listed in its final year. A preliminary recommendation and public hearing occurred in September. Upcoming dates include a final superintendent recommendation on October 24 and public hearing on October 29. If it is closed, students will be given assignment priority during the open enrollment period next spring.

The Jane Addams K-8 program currently occupying the Jane Addams site will move to the interim John Marshall site (near Greenlake) for two years, beginning next fall.

The JAMS middle school program will begin next fall for all 6th, 7th and 8th grade students residing within the new JAMS boundaries. This includes students who may currently be attending Eckstein Middle School.


Provide Feedback

The plans are still being finalized and the district is still collecting community feedback via its Feedback Survey.  The survey is open and will remain so until this Friday, October 25th at 6pm.

A map identifying the changes is also available. Several people have reported the map is difficult to interpret. The survey asks you to reference the applicable numbers on the map when giving feedback. You can, however, also give generic feedback on the survey and you can submit multiple survey entries. A compilation of comments collected so far is available here, organized by school site.


Jane Addams K-8 School Tours


If you’re considering schools for your child, consider Jane Addams K-8. We are an environmentally-focused E-STEM school providing a creative and dynamic environment for children from kindergarten through eighth grade. Seattle Superintendent Banda just announced that Jane Addams K-8 was named one of 6 Schools of Distinction in Seattle this year. This award is based upon students’ outstanding academic improvements in math and reading. Come see what we offer, including electives such as MESA (Mathematics Science Engineering Achievement), art, drama, music, choir, PE and foreign language.


2013 Open House School Tour Dates:

Feb 13. 8:30 am. All K-8
Feb 21. 8:30 am. All K-8
Feb 27. 9:30 am. All K-8
Mar 5. 9:30 am. All K-8

Feb 13. 6:30 pm. All K-8
Feb 28. 6:30 pm. Middle School Only

11051 34th Avenue Northeast Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 252-4500


For families interested in selecting an option school instead of a neighborhood assignment school, the window for open enrollment is February 25th  through March 8th.

School Levies and Lake City

Have you received your February ballot?  Please vote YES on Prop 1 & on Prop 2!  These two levies are not new taxes–they are a continuation of expiring levies. A simple summary of the two levies is available here.  
What do these levies mean for Lake City area schools?
The Capital Levy (Prop 2) will help fund new construction and safety improvements at multiple Lake City area schools. The Seattle School District is facing severe capacity shortages, particularly in our NE corner of Seattle, just based on current enrollment. With projected enrollment included, the capacity issues worsen.  Without Prop 2 passing, we’ll see Lake City schools overcrowded and thriving programs dislocated or disbanded altogether. The Operations Levy (Prop 1) provides crucial support for everything from textbooks and transportation to student activities and support for bilingual and special education students. With schools bursting at the seams, whether or not the levies pass, the following Lake City area schools will be impacted:   Olympic Hills Elementary If the Capital Improvement Levy passes, Olympic Hills Elementary will receive a rebuilt and expanded school.  The Olympic Hills program would temporarily re-locate during construction – either to the currently closed Cedar Park site, or to another location. If the capital levy does not pass, Olympic Hills will not be rebuilt. Instead, neighbors would likely see a slew of portables added to house more students, putting additional strain on the school’s small infrastructure.   Cedar Park The Cedar Park site formerly housed a neighborhood elementary school, but has been leased to an artist cooperative for the last 30 years. Regardless of whether the levy passes or not, the school district plans to re-open this site. At a recent community meeting, Pegi McEvoy, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, presented two scenarios: 1) if the levy passes, Cedar Park will be used as an interim site for Olympic Hills, then reopened as a permanent school, 2) if the levy fails, the district will need to reopen the school as soon as it can be made ready; a time crunch that will limit the district’s flexibility with how to redevelop the site.   Jane Addams To relieve overcrowding at Eckstein Middle School, the district will begin a comprehensive middle school at the Jane Addams site in fall of 2014, called Jane Addams Middle School (JAMS).  Currently, the Jane Addams site houses the Jane Addams K-8 option program (JAK8). It’s expected that these two programs may be co-housed at the site for one or more years. If the Capital Levy passes, the JAK8 program will be permanently relocated to a new facility at the existing Pinehurst site by 2017. If it doesn’t pass, it’s unclear what will happen to the JAK8 program. With JAMS will come a new middle school feeder pattern, with Olympic Hills, John Rogers and Sacajawea feeding into JAMS instead of Eckstein. This has raised equity concerns, as these elementary schools have much higher concentrations of low-income students than the elementary schools which will remain in the Eckstein feeder pattern. In a meeting last week, the School Board voted 4-3 to wait until 2014 to open JAMS in order to allow adequate planning time to address these concerns and bring this new school online.   Pinehurst  If the levy passes, the existing Pinehurst site will have a new facility built on it to house JAK8. District plans for the existing Pinehurst K-8 program aren’t specified, but the possibility of relocating it to the Cedar Park site was mentioned at the Cedar Park community meeting with Pegi McEvoy. If the levy doesn’t pass, the Pinehurst program may experience even more radical changes. It’s unclear what the district would do to relieve capacity issues, but almost certainly the Pinehurst site would get more students than it currently does.   John Rogers, Sacajawea & Jane Addams If the levy passes, these three schools will receive important seismic upgrades to improve earthquake safety.   In addition to benefiting Lake City area schools with new construction and seismic upgrades, these levies will also fund sorely needed projects in other areas of Seattle, such as replacement of the severely dilapidated Arbor Heights building.  If approved, these levies would equate to a $13/month increase for the owner of a $400,000 home. The following chart provides a comparison of how Seattle’s education levy tax rate stacks up against other cities:

*Levy rate chart available via www.seattleschools.org **Note:  With any school construction, the school district will work with the City of Seattle to address neighborhood impacts following SEPA and best practice protocols for community involvement.