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SPD: Man shot in buttocks on 32nd Ave, second time man shot

Generic-Crime-Scene-Tape-Police-Lights-29697644A man was shot in the buttocks on Thursday night on 32nd Avenue NE near NE 140th Street.

Seattle Police gang detectives are investigating the shooting that happened about 11:15 p.m. on Thursday. Police received a tip that a man was shot and was en-route to Harborview Medical Center.

When detectives found the man at Harborview he said he was “walking near Little Brook Park when someone in a car shot at him, striking him in his rear,” said Seattle Police spokesman Jonah Spangenthal-Lee.

Police said this is the second time that the man has been shot in Lake City in the last two years.

“This time, he told detectives he has no idea why anyone would want to shoot him, as he is working, going to school, and attempting to put his past troubles behind him,” said Spangenthal-Lee.

A map of where the shooting took place is below.

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More info on temporary homeless shelter to open at Lake City Baptist Church

Lake City Baptist Church (Google Street View)

Lake City Baptist Church (Google Street View)

Lake City Baptist Church has provided more information about volunteer opportunities and screening at the the Lake City Baptist Church UGM Winter Shelter. The shelter is scheduled to open on Wednesday, February 27th and to run through March 15th.

The shelter is for adults only and will be providing services between 7pm and 7am. The services include dinner, sleeping quarters for the night, and a breakfast. Union Gospel Mission will be providing sleeping cots and staff to assist.

The following is a response from Hannah Olufs from the church. It was edited for context. You can reach her at houfs@gmail.com for more info.

We do need volunteers to come in at 5:00AM-7:00AM to fix a simple breakfast, serve our guests, and clean-up at the Lake City Baptist Church temporary shelter. We serve our guests the hot portion of our meal (oatmeal), and they can help themselves to coffee/juice. We set the table for our guests. Guests are not allowed in the kitchen. If they want something heated, we use the microwave and bring it back out to them. Our kitchen is not large, so we have that rule for everyone’s safety.

We are very excited about this opportunity to help people in our community. Members of the community could volunteer to help us fill “to go” bags for the morning. We would like to send our guests with a lunch bag with energy bars, bottled water, trail mix, nuts, small packages of crackers with peanut butter, or anything healthy, with protein if possible, that is easily carried. Those food items are just a suggestion. If anyone cares to contribute, they can knock on the church door, and if anyone is there, we will open it. If it is between 7:00PM and 7:00AM, the back door of the church is open. If none of the above, anything left on the front porch of the church is safe.

In regards to screening, Olufs said that all guest must have a Washington State ID. In addition, all guests will be checked against the Registered Sex Offender database. If they are on the database then they are escorted off the property, given a bus ticket and directed to the downtown Seattle Union Gospel shelter. Whether they would accept intoxicated individuals is still an open question.

Neighborhood group Douglas Park Cooperative has requested that the church and their operational partner – UGM – provide information about any individuals that are turned away so that they can be aware of their presence in the neighborhood if they decide to linger.

You can read more about the shelter in this previous post by Douglas Park Cooperative.

North Precinct Advisory Council meeting notes

The LCNA North Precinct Liason, Steve D., has been attending the North Precinct Advisory Council meetings. Below is his report back from the January and February meetings:   January was quiet at NPAC, so I decided to couple it with February.  January
  • Dennis, the drug sniffing dog was the keynote. 3year old yellow lab.  Knows 19,000 explosive odors.  Flunked out of guide dog school due to being too curious.  Has to earn 100% on his recertification test every year.  99% means back to school.
  • Jana Jorgensen, City Attorney says the Orion hotel signed an agreement with the city and has 180 days to correct the illegal behavior going on there or face stiff penalties as  part of Chronic Nuisance Abatement Agreement.  SPD has been by and said it is “a ghost town.”
  • Judy Lewis with liquor board says they continue to work with feds on marijuana guidelines.  If you go to Portland and purchase more than 6 cases of liquor, expect a visit from State Patrol or liquor board.
  • Sgt. Sean Whitcomb, who runs SPD’s Blotter http://spdblotter.seattle.gov/   was the keynote. Blotter is designed to get information directly to citizens, NOT to control the news.  Blotter works with neighborhood blogs as well as reporting criminal activity around the city.  If you have not checked out the Blotter, it is well worth your time.
  • Tweet By Beat - if you go here on SPD’s web site, or just Google it, you can go to a box entitled “find your precinct and beat” and type in your address.  It will link you to tweets by officers in your neighborhood.  There is up to an hour delay, UNLESS there is an emergency (shooting, robbery, etc) then it goes on real time.  You do not need a twitter account to access this.
  • Seattle Districts Now http://www.seattledistrictsNow.org representative spoke and are proposing a change from at-large elections of City Council, to a mixed districts/at-large system.  The goal is to gather 31,000 signatures and get this initiative on the ballot in 11/13.  Go to the web site and check out the maps.  The districts were drawn by Dr. Richard Morill from UW. By federal law, they are all withing 1% population from one and other.  Go to the website for more information.
  • Jana Jorgensen, City Attorney, spoke about car camping.  There is a Mayoral council looking at this.  If you have car campers in your neighbor hood you are encouraged to send any information including photos, behavior descriptions and license plate numbers to Jana at jana.jorgensen@seattle.gov When business owners speak up it is especially powerful.
  • King County Prosecutor is working on the following: Move gun crime prosecution for minors from currently 5 convictions before jail time, to 2 convictions.  Increase the protection order for stalking victims.  Look at compensation for people how were convicted and later found innocent, not released on legal issues, but actually found to be innocent.
  • NPAC Officers are starting a campaign to actively recruit new members including churches.  That’s on the agenda for March, along with a visit from Nick Lacata.
The notes from the NPAC Secretary are available here and here as well.    

Crime & Safety Meeting to Engage Disabled Community

As part of the Seattle Police Department’s plan for community engagement, the public is invited to participate in a facilitated discussion focused on the following five questions:  
  1. What is your top concern about crime and public safety in the disability community?
  2. What can be done together to create a safer community?
  3. What is going well with the relationship between the disability community and SPD?
  4. What needs to improve?
  5. What steps can we take to keep you engaged in building and creating a safer community?
  This is a great opportunity to engage with our North Precinct officers regarding the impact of crime and public safety for some of our most vulnerable populations. Wednesday, January 9, 2013, 6-7:30 p.m. Northgate Library 10548 Fifth Ave. N.E. On Bus Routes: 16, 41, 66, 67, 68, 75, 242, 347, 348 ASL Provided. Please refrain from use of heavy fragrances. To RSVP or to request an accommodation, email Felicia.Yearwood@Seattle.gov or call 206-684-4537.