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Lake City Way Traffic Safety Corridor

The City of Seattle has partnered with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and the Washington State Department of Transportation to launch a multi year Corridor Safety Project on Lake City Way. This program will be similar to the recently completed Aurora Traffic Safety Project.

The goal of the project is to reduce collisions by 25% along LCW from  75th to 145th by:

  1. Community identified street improvements.
  2. A public education campaign.
  3. Increased enforcement efforts.

The Taskforce has met twice to date now – On Wednesday, January 16th and Wednesday, February 13th at the Lake City Community Center from 4 to 6 pm. The Taskforce will be meeting for 6 months to come up with an action plan.

At the first meeting, a presentation of the collision data was made. It showed what kinds of collisions were happening, where they happened, what time and conditions, age of involved parties, whether cyclists or pedestrians were involved, and if there were fatalities or injuries. The data showed that LCW has a higher rate of collisions than similar corridors.

At the second meeting, there were three break out groups to identify issues related to enforcement, education, and engineering. The results will be made public soon and will be posted on this site.

The next meeting time and date is to be announce for mid March. It will be a bus tour down LCW to look closer at the locations identified as having issues.

If you would like to be involved on the Taskforce, or just receive updates, please contact the project manager ( Jim Curtin ) at jim.curtin@seattle.gov