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Fred Meyer ducks return to greet customers

Spring seems to be bringing feathered love back to the front entrance of Fred Meyer.

If you are wondering what we are talking about, every spring a pair of ducks —a male and a female– make the store’s parking lot their hangout in the evenings.

They can often be seeing sitting near the front doors, waddling between carts and sidewalk displays, greeting customers. Last year they were spotted a few times sleeping in a spring plant display at the front of the store.

When we saw them Tuesday evening (photo below), they were walking away from the door because a couple dogs tied up there scared them off. But expect to see them sitting there as you make an evening run to the store.

Employees say the ducks have returned like clockwork every spring to the parking lot for the last few years. For some reason the pair seems to prefer relaxing among the many passing feet and cart wheels instead of on the shore of a quiet pond.

The Fred Meyer Ducks wander the parking lot. (LCL photo)

The Fred Meyer Ducks wander the parking lot. (LCL photo)

PHOTO: Crows fly overhead at sunset

The sky is filled with crows passing over Lake City on Monday, Feb. 25th.

We see them every night. Just as the sun starts going down, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of crows make a daily trip over our neighborhood.

But the mystery is where do the flocks of birds that pass overhead like clockwork fly to roost every night?

A commenter on community website Douglas Park Cooperative said there is a large roost of crows in Kenmore. UW Bothell will host a talk on Thursday, March 15, 2012 with John Marzluff about the roosting behavior and other interesting aspects of crows that live in the Seattle area.

More info about the talk can be found here: www.facebook.com/events/233173693442016/

(Note: The date on the event says 2012 so unless it was a typo, don’t add it to your calendar just yet.)

If you know more about the crows that cruise over Lake City every night tell us in the comments.