Blast from the past, 1980 KIRO/7 story on Lake City

See video below

A screen grab of the KIRO/7 story. See video below

The year was 1980. A beautification project along Lake City Way was just completed and Lake City came out to celebrate. Governor Dixie Lee Ray and Mayor Charles Royer were there for the ceremony, at the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce.

In the video the news reporter talks about Lake City’s over the top celebration at the end of the first phase of a beautification program. She said the event might have been “a touch of overkill” with a “plethora of politicians” in attendance.

This blast from the past video (below) from the archives of KIRO/7 shows Lake City about 33 years ago.

At the time Chamber President Jack Willis said of the beautification project: “This is just the beginning.”