Saturday night windstorm knocks out Comcast service to thousands in Lake City

20140216-132320.jpgA broken fiber optic cable knocked out Internet and cable to thousands of customers in Lake City during a wind storm Saturday night. As of 11:30 am on Sunday, a representative from Comcast was unsure how long it would take to restore service, reported the Seattle Times.

Vice President of Communications for Comcast Steve Kipp told the Times in an email:

“Our repair crews could not begin their work until this morning because, due to safety reasons, they had to wait for Seattle City Light to complete its repairs first.”

So if you were hoping to watch a movie on Netflix during this gloomy day you may be out of luck. (Yet if you are reading this, then you have some kind of Internet service.)

Perhaps today is a good day to grab an old fashioned book or newspaper and curl up with a cup of tea.