Meeting to discuss relocating bus stop in front of Romio’s scheduled for April 16th


The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and King County Metro Transit (Metro) are seeking community feedback on a proposal to relocate the bus stop currently in front of Romio’s Pizza. SDOT and Metro will present this proposal at the North Seattle Chamber of Commerce’s public lunch meeting, April 16th, 1pm at the Elliott Bay Brewery on Lake City Way.
This proposal responds to outreach from the Lake City community to the City of Seattle and King County regarding loitering and safety concerns at the northbound bus stop on Lake City Way in front of Romio’s Pizza.

This led to conversations between SDOT and Metro with representatives of the North Seattle Chamber regarding bus stop relocation. SDOT and Metro recognize that relocating the stop could improve access to transit and pedestrian safety as well as alleviate the loitering and safety concerns highlighted by the Chamber.

At the meeting on the 16th, SDOT and Metro will discuss the factors that influence selection of bus stop locations, including:

• Stop spacing (Are stops placed at regular intervals along the corridor?);
• Transfer points (Are stops placed to facilitate transfers to intersecting routes?);
• Lane position (Do buses stop within a travel lane, or do buses pull out of traffic to stop?);
• Lighting
• Adjacent businesses
• Shelter
• Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
• Pedestrian safety
• Law enforcement
• Art

Metro and SDOT want to coordinate effectively with business and community interests, as they assess whether relocating the stop will alleviate some of the concerns that have been raised with the current location. Please encourage everyone you can to attend this meeting.>