Rick’s to pay for trees topped on LCW, city tell’s KIRO Radio

(Lake City Live photo)

(Lake City Live photo)

We recently reported that the street trees in front of Dreamgirls at Rick’s strip club were shorn of most of their branches and leaves. The removal of the branches and leaves upset some in the community, prompting complaints to the City of Seattle.

Now the Seattle Department of Transportation’s Urban Forestry Division tells KIRO Radio that the club cut the trees illegally and improperly and will have to pay for the city to replace them.

Spokesperson Mary Beth Turner told KIRO the trees are a total loss and that they were topped, which is not allowed.

From KIRO’s report:

The strip club will have to pay for the city to replace the five trees on SR 522 and restore the area to its former appearance. The city won’t say how much it will cost to remove the damaged trees and replace them with new trees of similar size. “The cost will be ‘substantial’,” Turner says.