Rick’s strip club adding new 16′ x 8′ illuminated sign on LCW


DreamGirls at Rick’s strip club is installing a new, 30-foot-tall, illuminated pole sign, according to a permit issued by the City of Seattle. In recent days, painters have also been working on the building, painting it bright red.

20140626-133650-49010322.jpgThe illuminated sign and paint job come just weeks after the business severely pruned street trees along Lake City Way. The city has ordered the business to replace the trees that they say were cut illegally and improperly, according to a report from KIRO Radio. The cost of replacing the trees will be significant, said a spokesperson for the Seattle Department of Transportation.

The permit for the pole sign is for one similar to the style of signs at Bill Pierre Ford and Chevrolet. The permit for the Rick’s sign says the image on the sign “shall not change more than 7 times per minute. No flashing, no video display methods, and no off-premises advertising is permitted.” The Department of Planning and development said they cannot enforce the content of the sign.

The permit also says that the existing neon roof sign must be removed before installation of the new illuminated pole sign. The new sign will be 30-feet-tall from street level, and each sign face will be 8-feet by 16-feet.

In recent years, DreamGirls, owner of Rick’s, has battled with the Seattle Mariners over the location of a strip club and notably the illuminated sign next to Safeco Field. The dispute over the strip club led the Mariners to sue DreamGirls’ and the City of Seattle. Lawsuit filed here.

The Mariners eventually dropped the suit in an agreement with DreamGirls after the strip club chain agreed to not show certain types of images during days that the team was hosting events for children.