5 Foot Bumps that are not Bunions

berg-septWith Victoria Beckham’s bunions constantly in the media, it’s no wonder it’s the first thing people think about when they start to notice a bump on their foot.

But–not all bumps are bunions! Here are some other conditions that result in a bump:

Neuroma - is an overgrown bundle of nerves that most often runs between the 3rd and 4th toe. High heels or narrow shoes and high impact exercise such as running are most often the culprits.

Capsulitis- is often misdiagnosed as a Morton’s neuroma because the symptoms can be similar. But instead of the nerve being the problem the ligaments surrounding the toes becomes inflamed. Faulty foot mechanics–where the ball of the foot beneath the toe joint takes on a lot of weight-bearing pressure–is the primary cause. Other foot problems that can cause capsulitis are: having a second toe longer than the big toe, an unstable arch, and tight calf muscles.

Bursitis – is an inflamed fluid-filled sac that develops between the Achilles tendon and the heel bone as a result of repetitive movements such as those made by athletes. Initially the sac develops as a protection from micro trauma that occurs from the repetitive movements, but eventually the sac also becomes inflamed leaving the person with bursitis.

Haglund’s deformity – is often a precursor to bursitis. It’s also known as “pump bump”, because it most commonly affects women who wear rigid pump style shoes. Three factors make this deformity more likely in addition to wearing pumps: high arched feet, tight Achilles tendon, and faulty foot mechanics.

Osteoarthritis - typically occurs in people over 50. It shows up as swollen joints. It’s the most common secondary diagnoses when a person comes in thinking they have bunions. Arthritis is most treatable at the beginning stages.

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Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons. This is not  Victoria Beckham but Heike Drechsler, a German Olympian who took home two gold medals for the long jump; I have no idea if she has or had a bump, but she easily could have from all that jumping.)

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