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Police: Explosion Monday night on NE 135th caused by marijuana operation

The Seattle Police Department reported that an explosion Monday night in Lake City was caused by an operation to extract THC from marijuana in the 3000 block of NE 135th Street. The explosion moved a wall of the home back 3 inches.

Butane can be used to extract THC, the mind-altering element in marijuana, which then creates a highly concentrated substance used to vaporize or ingest. If the Monday explosion was caused by the process, it would be one of at least two explosions in recent weeks caused by the process. The other that made headlines was in South Seattle.

Seattle police said the man’s Lake City house “will definitely need some repair work” after the refrigerator exploded in the house. There were no injuries.

From SPD:

Seattle Police and Seattle Fire responded to a report of an explosion in the 3000 Block of NE 135th Street last night around 9:30 pm. When officers arrived, they contacted the 37-year-old resident, who told investigators that his refrigerator had exploded. Officers suspected that this occurred while he had been extracting the THC from marijuana, and the man confirmed that. The explosion broke four windows and moved the back wall of the house three inches. Detectives from the Arson/Bomb Squad (ABS) responded and took over the investigation. This remains an active investigation.

Update: Below is a report from KING/5:

Lake City Fred Meyer, KOMO/4 step up after decorations stolen from Lake City House low-income housing facility

komoThere is definitely a Grinch out there.

According to KOMO/4, holiday decorations at Lake City House, a low-income housing facility, were recently discovered to have been stolen from a storage room. Christmas trees and ornaments were among the missing items.

From the KOMO story:

“It’s depressing,” said resident Ellie Rhoades “It’s like not to have Christmas.”

The building houses the elderly, disabled, and residents who can’t afford to replace the missing decorations that lit up their lobby. In the past they pooled together money they raised in yard sales and at coffee hour.

“If I can’t make these people happy, if I can’t show holiday spirit, it hurts me,” Rhoades said with tears in her eyes.

But just as there are Grinches, there are also elves.

Rhoades contacted KOMO/4′s Problem Solvers, who then contacted the Lake City Fred Meyer. The neighborhood Fred Meyer store, just a block from the facility, stepped up and donated a pair of 7-foot-tall artificial Christmas trees.

You can see the KOMO/4 video report below.

Q13 report: Nathan Hale H.S. principal attacked by student back from suspension

Q13 reported that the principal of Nathan Hale High School was attacked by a student on Thursday. From their report:

The principal at Seattle’s Nathan Hale High School, Jill Hudson, was assaulted in the cafeteria Thursday by a student returning from a three-day suspension, the school said in a robo call to parents. She was not seriously hurt, the call said.

You can read their story here.

City of Seattle moves Mini Park toilet

The new location of the toilet

The new location of the toilet

The City of Seattle has moved the portable toilet that has been a prominent feature of the Lake City Mini Park. The toilet still sits in the highly visible park, however it now sits in the southwest corner of the park.

The North Seattle Chamber of Commerce, business owners and community members had been advocating for the removal of the toilet. It became a place for drug users as evidenced by the hypodermic needles that were regularly found there.

Despite the location of the toilet, human feces are regularly found in the Lake City Commercial core.

The park shown without the toilet

The park shown without the toilet

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City of Seattle selects site for new SPD North Precinct near Aurora, 130th

After some hope among community members that the Seattle Police Department would relocate the North Precinct to Lake City, a potential site has been named on the West side of I-5, at the southeast corner of Aurora Avenue North and North 130th Street

From a City of Seattle news release:

“The Seattle Police Department outgrew its current north precinct police station long ago, and now, with the improving economy, we’re in a position to do something about it,” said Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn. “We’ve found a site for a new station that will meet all of SPD’s operational needs and even offer space for community use. I encourage everyone interested to attend the city’s fall open house to learn more about the project.”

On Saturday, Oct. 26, the city will host a community open house to provide more information on the site selection process, how the site meets SPD’s operational needs, the development schedule, and future opportunities for public comment. The open house will be from 10 a.m. to noon at the Bitter Lake Community Center gym, 13035 Linden Ave. N.

“Being on the corner of major arterials with good access to I-5, and offering enough space to build a station that will meet our needs for decades to come – this site offers the best location for the Seattle Police Department’s north-end operations,” said Interim Chief of Police Jim Pugel.

The proposed site at Aurora and 130th now houses a used car dealership, a mostly vacant lot, an older office building and a warehouse.

The existing station, located at 10049 College Way N. was built in 1984 to house 154 staff and is now home to 254. The size and shape of the property prohibits adequate expansion at its current location. The city hopes to open the new precinct in late 2018.

Growling, ‘wild-eyed’ man brandishes machete, sets off intensive search by police

From the Seattle Police Department Blotter:

A 53-year-old man set off an intensive three-hour search by police Friday after he was spotted growling, performing martial arts moves and brandishing a machete outside a dollar store on Lake City Way.

Just before 11 AM, witnesses called police to report the bizarre spectacle. As officers were en route to the call, they were told the man had sheathed his machete, put it under his coat, and walked off.

Officers searched the neighborhood and checked inside several businesses, but weren’t able to locate the man. However, they continued their search throughout the afternoon.

About three hours later, just before 2 pm, police received a call from a woman who said she’d been parked in a lot near 125th and Lake City Way when a “wild-eyed” man pulled out a machete and pointed it at her.

The woman quickly sped away and called 911.

Officers found the man near 125th and Lake City Way, arrested him, and seized what one officer described as a “big machete.” Police intend to book the man into the King County Jail for a weapons violation, and are still looking for other victims the man may have threatened.

Community members clean up graffiti

A series of tags appeared over the weekend on a retaining wall adjacent to 15th Ave. NE near 135th. After inquiries were made with the City of Seattle about a possible clean up, it was discovered that the city has a backlog of graffiti to clean up and was unable to give a date when they could respond. That is when Lake City residents responded.

Typically if graffiti is removed from a new spot within three days, it doesn’t come back. But once a wall is established as a place for taggers, they will likely revisit over and over.

A handful of neighbors, led by Chuck Dickey and Dave Morris, used paint to cover the unsightly mess. It took about 30 minutes for the crew to clean up about 80 feet of wall. Before and after photos are below.



Police searching for endangered missing woman

Update: Seattle Police reported about 1 p.m. on Wednesday that the woman has been found in Marysville. She is reported to be uninjured and doing well. Thank you to those that helped spread the word!

Missing woman

Missing woman

The Seattle Police Department is asking for help as they search for a woman missing since 5 p.m., Tuesday evening in NE Seattle. On Wednesday, officers were still searching for the woman.

The 23 year-old woman is described as a white female, 5’1, 180 pounds, wearing black framed glasses, a green Special Olympics T-shirt, black pants and white sneakers. She is likely accompanied by a small black and white service dog.

Police tweeted Tuesday night, asking people to keep an eye out for the woman. She is considered endangered.

If you see her call 9-1-1.

You can see the SPD Twitter messages below.






KIRO/7 features story on Mini Park Porta-a-Potty

KIRO/7 recently did a story on the Lake City Mini Park Port-a-Potty (video embedded below). The story said that North Settle Chamber of Commerce members want the toilet moved from the highly-visible location. The story also says that moving the toilet to a new city-owned property on 33rd Avenue NE across from God’s Lil Acre was rejected without explanation by the city.

The toilet has always been known as a haven for drug users —and an unsightly element in the center of a neighborhood working to define its’ identity.

Despite its visible presence in the center of the Lake City business community, neighborhood groups such as Douglas Park Cooperative that do litter patrols regularly find areas in the commercial core where people defecate and leave strong smells of urine.

Recently during the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new 33rd Avenue NE, a contributor to Lake City Live witnessed a middle-aged, seemingly intoxicated man urinating behind Value Village, exposing himself to a group of six children that had just participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony. When approached and asked to not pee in the neighborhood or expose himself to children, one of the other men said to the people complaining, “I’m gonna shoot you,” as he rustled through his backpack. The police were called during the incident.

Even with the highly-visible public toilet offered by the City of Seattle, people still defecate and urinate in the business core.

When KIRO showed up to do their report, the reporter, Henry Rosoff, found a used hypodermic needle on the ground in front of the Port a Potty. This despite a sign on the door notifying drug users where to dispose of the needles.

You can see the KIRO/7 report below:

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Officers shoot and wound charging pit bull at God’s Little Acre

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From the Seattle Police Department’s Blotter:

A Pit bull charged officers responding to a disturbance Sunday morning in North Seattle. At approximately 8:30 a.m., officers responded God’s Little Acre in the 12000 block of 33 ave NE to a disturbance involving an intoxicated male subject.

While several officers were dealing with the uncooperative male an unleashed pit bull charged towards two of the officers. One officer shot the dog twice in the chest/shoulder area. The dog ran off but was contained nearby until animal control arrived. The injured dog was transported to the local veterinary hospital.  Although bleeding, the dog was in remarkably good condition and actually walked with Animal Control to their vehicle. The two officers were not injured.

Homicide responded and processed the scene. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to Detox.