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Two Days of Dahlias at LCCC

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Saturday, Sept. 6  12:30-5PM
Sunday, Sept. 7  11AM-4PM

Lake City Community Center
12351 28th Avenue NE


Lake City Halloween, Christmas decorations in need of a home

Holiday decorations are put up along Lake City Way in 2013. (LCL photo)

Holiday decorations are put up along Lake City Way in 2013. (LCL photo)

The holiday decorations that make Lake City come alive each Halloween and Christmas are in need of a new home. Pierre Auto Centers loaned a house to the Lake City Lions for storage of the Christmas street decorations and some Halloween items. For the last three years the space was provided for free.

But this summer the house was remodeled for use as a rental and all the decorations had to move. The decorations have since been kept in a storage locker for the short term, but at the end of September they will need to move again.

A new, free space is being sought for storage of the decorations. Ideally about 800-1000 square feet so there is room to repair the wreaths and bells as well as store them, said North Seattle Chamber Executive Director Diane Haugen.

If a new home for the decorations cannot be found it is feared that they may be lost.

You can contact Haugen via email if you have a lead on a new storage spot for Lake City’s decorations:

Fruit in yard of ‘Fig King’ ripe, ready for picking

Bill Farhat profiled in The Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine

Bill Farhat profiled in The Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine

Last year Lake City resident Bill Farhat was profiled in The Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine. The publication named Farhat the “Fig King.” The native of Lebanon has a yard described by The Times as “ringed with grape leaves, planted with Persian plums and packed with his prized fig trees.”

Well the fruit of all Farhat’s labor is ready —early this year— and the Fig King is ready to share his backyard bounty. He is asking $4 per pound for the delicious figs from his 35 trees. You can read more from Farhat below.

Last summer, I was lucky enough to be called the “fig king” by The Seattle Times magazine, which wrote a feature story on me—as well as a video blog.

I have 35 trees in my backyard. (I’d probably have more, but there’s no more space).

I’m writing today because I would love to share my Desert King figs with others in the Lake City and surrounding community. They are ripe!

They are 10 days early this year, due to our incredible warm weather. Come get em! (If you want to plant a tree in your own backyard, I can help you with that, too).

I sell figs for $4/pound. Email or call 206-363-0121

If you stop by and get some of his figs, make sure to let us know how you dished them up in the comments section below.

Design ideas unveiled for Olympic Hills community park

A proposed schematic design of the Olympic Hills community park. (click for larger)

A proposed schematic design of the Olympic Hills community park (Johnson+Southerland Landscape Architecture) click image for larger

Proposed design ideas for the Olympic Hills community park were unveiled during a gathering at the site Tuesday evening.


Residents gather to learn about park design proposals.

The park, formerly a pathway through a tangle of bushes on property set between 27th Avenue NE and 28th Avenue NE, has been a project adopted by numerous residents in Olympic Hills. The community park has emphasized community as it has brought together residents to work on the project. The work they have done so far has transformed the site.

The park is planned to be a feature of a future 27th Avenue NE greenway. A Neighborhood Matching Fund grant has helped the park steering committee hire a design firm to plan the park.

Neighbors have been out in force during work parties, removing invasive species, blackberries and trash, planting native plants and spreading mulch over part of the land. A small creek usually flows through the property and would be incorporated into the design of the park.

On Tuesday, people that have been part of the park building process gathered to see design proposals and to continue planning for the space. You can see a pair of panoramic photos of the park-in-progress below.


The park, looking east.


The park looking west

Below is a map showing the location of the park.

Below is a photo from a November 2013 work party at the park.

Remember, what you put in that drain does go somewhere


Now that weather is warming, people are cleaning winter grime off their cars and pressure washing the moss off of their homes.

But remember, all that chemistry you are including in the wash solution does not just disappear once it goes down a drain. Often it will drain into our urban streams and lakes.

A neighborhood resident that lives near Lake Washington sent us this photo Monday. It shows foam from what appears to be soap coming out of a culvert, about to enter Lake Washington.

A resident uphill was later discovered to be using a pressure washer.

Northeast Seattle’s Thornton Creek is among Seattle’s most damaged streams, with dangerous levels of fecal coliform bacteria discovered in the water. And much of the runoff from our community drains into Lake Washington and in some areas into the creek. You can read more about the damage to Thornton Creek here in this post.

EarthCorps organizes vounteers for Jackson Park Trail cleanup


Volunteers gather up ivy and invasive species along the Jackson Park Trail.

Local volunteer groups, including Girl Scouts and area church members, joined with EarthCorps members and the Green Seattle Partnership to clean up and restore areas around the Jackson Park Tail on Saturday.


A side trail from the Jackson Park Trail to the Jackson Park P-Patch is shown.

The community-based group Friends of Jackson Park Trail has been working hard to maintain the new urban trail and improve the health of the forest with monthly cleanup events every third Saturday. But their efforts were joined by dozens of new volunteers during the April 12th cleanup.

The Jackson Park Trail includes approximately 2.2 miles of off-street trail along the perimeter of the publicly-owned Jackson Park Golf Course. About 50 bird species have been seen along the trail that features an area along Thornton Creek.

EarthCorps has started a program to manage volunteers helping along the trail. Their first year of work in 2014 will include removing invasive plants and later planting native plants in the wintertime.

EarthCorps supplied gloves, tools, water, light refreshments and volunteer education during the work party.

Another pair of Earth Day weekend work parties have been organized for April 19th and April 22nd.

You can find more volunteer opportunities at the park by checking here.

Olympic Hills Greenway pocket park awarded funds by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods has awarded about $735,000 in matching funds for neighborhood-initiated projects pitched by groups throughout the city. Money from the city’s Neighborhood Matching Fund Program (NMF) was awareded to 36 projects, among them a proposed pocket park in Olympic Hills at NE 133rd between 27th and 28th Avenue NE.

The funds awarded by the city for the Olympic Hills park total $21,060 and were matched by a community contribution of volunteer hours valued at $16,930.

The funds will be used to hire a consultant to create a design concept for the proposed pocket park. The planned park will complement and connect to the proposed Olympic Hills Greenway on 27th Avenue NE.  Information from the city said the park will provide a more open and safe passage for pedestrians, and restore native plants and the stream that flows through the site.

You can see a list of other projects throughout Seattle that were awarded funds in the embedded list below. What kind of projects would you like to see funded in Lake City’s future?

Download (PDF, 95KB)

Neighbors tackle blackberries, overgrowth, trash during pocket park work party


About 60 Lake City community members turned out for a work party at a proposed pocket park in the Olympic Hills neighborhood on Saturday. The proposed park is at the street end of NE 133rd, between 27th and 28th avenues. More from Lake City Greenways:

The work party at our proposed Olympic Hills Greenway pocket park was an OUTRAGEOUS success! Over the course of the day, more than 60 people worked on site–many staying for far longer than they planned and getting an unbelievable amount of work done. It has been proven yet again that the very best thing about Lake City is the people who live here.

The goats were a no-show (long story), but the people would have put them to shame, anyway. Kids who had come to see goats nevertheless had fun playing in the dirt and helping out with the work. The sun came out!

We will finish up the last clump of blackberries in late October or so, and hope to find a dependable goat rental concern to help. Stay tuned.

Lake City Farmers Market Final 3 Weeks!

farmers market




The fun is still happening at Lake City Farmer’s Market! Even better, they’ve extended the season  two additional weeks to October 3 and October 10.

September 26
Lake City Fire Station # 39 will be present from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. A Seattle Fire truck will be onsite at the market in the middle of 28th Avenue N.E. They will plan to do a fire safety show for those present. Hand outs will be available for children and adults regarding fire safety  and emergencies in general. Music for that day is Marc Smason Trio.  4:30 – 6:30 p.m.

October 3
Cooking demo with LCFM Vendor,  La Pasta 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Mrs. Meyers  Soap will be present with their display including a hand washing station. Mrs. Meyers staff will be handing out samples of their soap and some coupons for future purchase at local stores.

Goats need your help creating proposed pocket park


The first stage in the development of a proposed “pocket park” in Olympic Hills is scheduled for September 21st with a work party. And organizers are asking for your help.

The location of the proposed park is at the street end of NE 133rd, between 27th and 28th avenues. The work party is the beginning of a longer-term plan to restore and beautify the site.

Community members will join a team of goats to help clean out blackberry brambles and weeds. The group plans to spread mulch on cleared areas.

The work party is planned for Saturday, September 21, 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

The City will provide tools, and experts will provide guidance. Please wear long pants and closed-toe shoes if you plan to attend.

Refreshments will be provided.

You need not register to participate, but organizers ask that you fill out this form to help with planning.

For more information, contact

The event is organized by Lake City Greenways, sponsored by Seattle Parks Foundation, funded by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, and with major assist from SDOT.