Lake City Live (LCL) is a community news and information source. It’s written for and about Lake City by volunteers and people with an interest in their neighborhood that have a proven ability to effectively convey information to readers.

LCL was started as a place for neighbors to share events, stories, and ideas about Lake City. It acts as a place where we can learn about our own neighborhood, a community bulletin board, events calendar and a sort of megaphone for the rest of Seattle to know what is happening here on the outer limits of our city.

LCL’s goal is to serve as an information hub so residents can be informed about happenings in their neighborhood. Accurate information provided to residents in a timely manner fosters a more active and engaged population. An active and engaged population —where residents realize they have a voice and can effect change— creates a stronger community, LCL’s ultimate goal.

Our contributors are valuable to the community and we appreciate their contributions to Lake City. People that care about Lake City and their neighbors are what make this community such a great place. So if you plan to comment on a post, please remember that you are speaking to and about your neighbors so keep it respectful.

The following guidelines apply to those writing posts on Lake City Live. Again, we value our contributors but please follow these to the best of your ability. Posts may be removed if they obviously violate one or more of these. Repeat offenders can be banned from posting, especially if posts are not respectful, plagiarize content or are clearly and regularly not objective. If you feel the following guidelines have been violated please email us:

  • Post general interest content. If you are going to write about what happened at a neighborhood meeting, for example, write a brief summary. Too many details and “inside baseball” information can and likely will bore readers. Remember, most people that read LCL care about the neighborhood but may not care too much about the inner working of a meeting. The attention span of the Internet is short. If possible you can embed minutes or other documents after your summary for further reading.
  • Do not plagiarize. This is non-negotiable. Copying an article, photo, graphic or other content and reposting without authorization of the original creator of the content is stealing. Please do not do it. Reverse image searches are sophisticated now and you likely will be caught. We will immediately delete a post that proves to be plagiarized. You can, however, quote limited text from another source, or use an excerpt, as long as you link back to the original source. Documents, articles and photographs created and released by government agencies are usually fair game. But if unsure, don’t post it.
  • Strive to be objective. As LCL is written by volunteers, most that are not trained journalists, opinions and agendas can sometimes be tempting to post. This can be challenging as most people willing to volunteer and write about their neighborhood are close to the community and have strong opinions about their immediate surroundings. It is ok to use this forum as a venue to spark debate and stir the pot but please try to show and recognize other sides of a story. And if that is impossible, please make sure your text clearly states that your text is your opinion.
  • Post a variety of content. If your area of expertise centers on one topic, try to explore posting on something else occasionally. Readers want variety, not to be bored by a continuous stream of posts about a single topic. Also, if you do center around one topic, spread it around. Talk to people and businesses outside of your circle. Be inclusive and give recognition to others.
  • Be respectful. This should be obvious but often we do not realize the power our words can have on others, especially when they are amplified to many in our community.
  • Post content relevant to NE Seattle. You can occasionally post info or events about other parts of Seattle, but please keep those to a minimum. Posts on LCL should have a tie to or an effect on our corner of NE Seattle.
  • You are responsible for the content you create. As LCL is just acting as a grassroots community bulletin board and information source and does not have a formal organizational structure, you and you alone are responsible for your posts.

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