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How Does HALA Affect Lake City? Workshop this Saturday!

HALA reportThere’s been a lot of press about the Mayor’s new Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA). Much of that press has focused on the elimination of single-family zoning. Feeling confused? The report itself is long and complicated (65 recommendations and 76 pages long). However, it’s critically important to understand as Seattle grapples with the very real problem of housing affordability and livability. Wondering how HALA will impact Lake City?

Please join your Lake City neighbors for a workshop this Saturday, Aug. 1st, co-hosted by the Lake City Neighborhood Alliance (LCNA)Lake City Future First (LCFF), and North District Council (NDC).

All are welcome!
12509 27th Ave NE (in the downstairs ADA-accessible meeting room)
8:30 am – Coffee available
9:00 am -12:00pm – Workshop


Goals of the Workshop?

LCNA logo with PEOPLE copyLCNA Chair, Sandy Motzer notes, “We are not attempting to seek unanimous support for any recommendation but rather to convey Lake City’s support and/or opposition and/or concerns in five areas:

  1. How-to achieve the Mayor’s stated goal of 20,000 affordable units over the next 10 years
  2. Housing (and small business) displacement
  3. Proposed single-family zoning changes
  4. Proposed development/construction requirement changes
  5. Infrastructure requirements for livability.”


Workshop agenda includes:
Brief introductions to the workshop and to the 5 topic areas, small-group discussions. There will be time for everyone to attend two of the 5 small-group discussions of choice. Discussion leaders will summarize each discussion topic for the large group. That content will be what is sent by LCNA to the Mayor and others on behalf of Lake City. LCNA is encouraging each neighborhood organization and all individuals to write letters as well. Workshop sponsors ask that anyone attending the workshop read the HALA Report as submitted by the Committee to the Mayor. You can find the report here.


Sidewalk Funding for 127th

A frame from the slideshow presentation
Representatives from Douglas Park Cooperative were at the North District Council meeting last week Wednesday to make a presentation of our request for sidewalks on NE 127th street between 25th and 27th. All NDC member organizations voted and our project was one of the three selected. If everything goes well, SDOT will start designs in November of this year.

More information about the Bridging the Gap Neighborhood Street Fund can be found here.  Below is a timeline from their site:

NSF Project Selection Timeline:
January – Each of Seattle’s 13 neighborhood District Councils will select three projects for further evaluation (up to 39 projects in all).
February - May – SDOT conducts a high level scope & cost estimate of the projects selected by the neighborhood District Councils.
June – Each neighborhood District Council prioritizes its own list of projects.
July – Bridging the Gap Oversight Committee evaluates all proposed projects for funding.
August – Oversight committee makes funding recommendations to the Mayor & City Council.
September – 2014 Budget adopted.
October/November – SDOT begins planning and design work.

This sidewalk is in addition to the sidewalk going in on 130th between 25th and 28th. That sidewalk is being funded by the State of Washington's Safe Routes to School Program, and is currently in design. It will be constructed this year.

Voting on Neighborhood Projects

Lake City residents are vying for funding for six different street improvement projects at this Wednesday’s North District Council meeting. Only three projects will be chosen to move forward.   Did you know you can request sidewalks? This Neighborhood Street Fund provides funding for projects ranging from $100,000 – $750,000.  The current proposals include projects in Maple Leaf, Pinehurst, Meadowbrook, Olympic Hills and Cedar Park – each initiated by residents. All six projects propose adding sidewalk segments, and several have other components as well: pedestrian crosswalks, drainage lids and curbing.   A map of the six proposed projects is available here. A map of the missing sidewalk segments throughout Seattle is available here  

Can I still apply for this?

The application process for this cycle is over. However, there will be future cycles. Attend Wednesday’s meeting and watch the proposal presentations. This will give you a leg-up on how to get your own project in place for the next cycle.  

What is the North District Council (NDC)?

The North District Council provides residents a direct link to city processes. It can be a great place to learn what’s going on in your neighborhood. It is also the official channel when applying for city funding for local community-based projects. The Victory Heights blog ran a thorough informational series about the North District Council:

When/where does North District Council (NDC) meet?

Meetings are monthly on the first Wednesday of the month. (With minor changes due to holiday schedules.) The next meeting is this: Wed., January 9th @ 7 p.m. Lake City Library Conference Room 12501 28th Ave NE  

Sidewalk Funding

The Neighborhood Street Fund applications for 2013 are in and were just made public today. Douglas Park Cooperative has an application in requesting a segment of sidewalk from 25th to 26th on 127th. There are 5 other applications in for the North District for a total of six.

North District Council will meet next Wednesday, January 9th from 7pm to 9pm at the Lake City Library meeting room. The six applicants will present to the North District Council members and a vote will be had to determine which three will be recommended for funding. Douglas Park is a NDC member and will be voting as well as presenting.

Below is a map from a few years ago showing all the block faces in Seattle that are lacking sidewalks. That red bowl of spaghetti on top is us. 85th is that clearly defined line, which coincidentally is the same line dividing the older Seattle from the 1950's land grab and empty promises.